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Developer in Orlando, FL looking for a great team

Front-End developer, back-end student, full-stack focused, bartender.

After fifteen years behind the stick I've finally devoted time to a subject I'm passionate about: modern, responsive web development.

With a hard working, focused attitude, and a natural drive to imbibe as much knowledge as I can, I'm searching for someplace that can push me as far as I can go.

Semantic HTML, Responsive CSS, Interactive JS, React, Bootstrap, NodeJS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Grabbing every technology that catches my interest and putting it in my pocket.

While currently comfortable with static front-end development I'm looking to work where I can really push the boundaries of what can be done to connect people together. Working with a cool API? Want to show me your DB Schemas? I want to hear from you.

Looking for a driven developer? Let's collaborate.